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Patio doors installation. (Toronto, Mississauga)

Buying and installing a patio door is an important decision as it affects the appearance of the patio itself and the interior room where the door leads to. If you are about to install a patio door, Nord proffessionals will help you do it. Our Sliding Patio Door Series is finally available in five exterior two-tone capstock colours, as well as three interior colour options for sale in Toronto.

From custom windows and glass patio door installations to vinyl siding installation, we have got what you need. If you are about to buy a patio door, you can find it at Nord in Mississauga. Our patio door installation crew will remove and dispose of the old door.

Then they'll install patio door in the existing space. The crewmembers will have to make some adjustments to the wooden frame of the house around the old window (and new door) to accommodate the patio door's installation.

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Warranty information: Nord Windows and doors gives you 20 years of warranty for a windows and doors, and agrees to repair or replace free of charge.

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